Freedom Internships

An internship with Freedom provides the incredible opportunity to be a part of the discipleship process.
While you are investing in other people, your life is also being impacted!

What Will I Do?

You may...

  • Create English-immersion experiences in a preschool classroom.
  • Work with short-term teams who come to help.
  • Serve as an aide in the school.
  • Teach English or math in elementary classrooms.
  • Be involved in class preparation (visuals, set-up, crafts, snack).
  • Supervise bus routes.
  • Assist in village or camp ministry.
  • Use your abilities to further the ministry (construction, medical, photography, computer, etc).




Much of what you do will involve loving people as we work to win people to the God who is worthy of all that we do.



Freedom has partnered with Huntington University! You can now become TESOL certified and receive 30 college credit hours to be applied toward your undergraduate degree! (See "Option 2" below.)

OPTION 1Intern directly with Freedom

1.) Simply fill out Freedom's online application

2.) One Fee: Freedom Internship (pricing below)

OPTION 2 Receive college credits for your 9-month or 1-year internship

1.) Fill out Freedom's online application

2.) Apply at Huntington University 

3.) Two Fees: Freedom Internship + $400 per credit hour with Huntington

 Summer 2023

Six Weeks:  

$1,900 + Airfare

Available Dates:      

  • June 1  - July 16


* Interns should be at least between their sophomore and junior year of high school to serve for summer internships. 

School Year 2023 - 2024

'22 Fall:      August 20 - December 17      $3,500 + airfare
'23 Spring:   January 2 - June 3   $4,000 + airfare
School Year '22-'23:    August 20 - June 3  

$6,500 + airfare

Full Year:   August 20 - July 15   $8,000 + airfare


*All prices include: food, transportation, housing, a supplemental insurance policy, and share in the cost of the overall ministry

*School-year interns need to be 18 years or older. 

*Internship dates are subject to change