Ryan and Katie Glenn

Ryan and Katie
Samuel, Benjamin, Ezekiel and Charles

From: Rawlings, Maryland

Arrived in the Dominican: July 31, 2021

Current Financial Support Level: 93%



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Our Testimonies

I was raised in a Christian home by loving, godly parents. I came to saving faith in Jesus Christ at a
Christian summer camp when I was 10 years old. I loved being at church and participating in kids choir,
Royal Ambassadors, youth group, and went on a few domestic mission trips. My Dad was a trustee so I
spent many hours as his side kick making sure the church building was in good shape. I met my wife,
Katie, during our sophomore year in high school and started attending youth group at her church which is
where we now attend. We were married during our junior year of college. This new independence from
parents along with the freedom to make our own decisions and not have to answer to an earthly authority
led to a time period of not making the best decisions and worldly living. In 2013, we decided to start
trying for kids and in May 2014 God blessed us with twin boys. Their birth was normal but within a few
minutes it was evident that everything wasn’t okay. For the first time in my life, I felt unable to control
the situation or the outcome. I remember weeping outside of the nursery watching the doctor work on the
oldest twin, Sam. I just stood there crying out to God for His healing power. Within two days Sam was
completely healthy and able to leave the hospital. His brother Charlie ended up needing to stay 10 days in
the nursery before he was able to come home. Through the experience of their birth, God brought me to
understand that my self-reliance had been too much and that my need for Him was immediate and huge.
Through that event, faithful preaching of the Word from my pastor, personal study of the Word and good
fellowship with other believers, my faith has grown stronger. My understanding of who God is and my
relationship with Him have really grown. I have a great desire to help “the least of these” and I want to
obey God a fulfill The Great Commission.


I was raised in a Christian home with two devoted parents. At a young age, I understood that I was a sinner and in need of a Savior. As I grew, so did my understanding of the gospel and my need for God. I attended a private Christian school. My family was highly involved in our local church. Throughout high school, I went on multiple missions trips and participated in different ministries at our church. I knew a lot about God and thought I loved Him, but my obedience to Him was out of obligation and wanting to be a good person. I did all the “right things” because it would make others happy. Ryan and I got married in the middle of our junior year of college. Once no longer living under my parents’ house and rules, I started making my own decisions. These decisions were not God-honoring and I began to stray from the Lord. In 2013, we decided to start a family and I became pregnant with our twin boys. Because of God’s love and grace, He began changing my heart. I knew I was not the person I wanted raising my children. Over the next few years, I became involved in church again and restarted my personal Bible study time. God worked a change in me for which I am forever grateful. I have learned that full reliance on Him is the source of joy. I have learned that I obey Him because He is worthy of all that I have and so much more. God continues to use motherhood to sanctify me. I am learning every day how I can be more like Him. I am striving to faithfully raise my children to understand God’s great love for them and their great need of Him. Through daily Bible study, prayer, and Christian fellowship, God is working and changing me. I pray that He continues to do so until I am with Him in eternity.