Randy Burton



From: Cincinnati, OH

Arrived in the Dominican: March 9, 2019

Current Financial Support Level: 100%



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My Testimony

Most recently my Lord has blessed me with friends who accept me as I am, who faithfully love me in sorrow’s depths, darknesses and deep troubles.

I continue to see that I have ‘a good Father’ who is orchestrating etchings of grace and glory all around me; sometimes to build up leadership skills, sometimes to humble me, and sometimes to show me how to forgive and take the higher road of grace.  He chips and sands, shaping my pride and unforgiving spirit towards admonitions to ‘love one another’ and to ‘forgive as He has forgiven me’. He roots out my anger, bitterness and resentment towards reconciliations and gives ‘words fitly spoken’ to build real, lasting relationships afforded by a real Redeemer.

In short, God tames the “wild man “ I am, the “Randbo,” to one of the redeemed - one who is useful for His pleasures, purposes, and plans.

Isaiah 61 captures where I am with the Lord today. ‘Beauty for ashes’ wasted, used up years for something purposeful: ‘Oil of joy for mourning’ depths of real and everlasting relationship in which He orchestrates His glory.  ‘Praise for the spirit of heaviness’ recognizing the Almighty... His otherness... His beyond understandings. He is more than the weight of my overwhelming cares, burdens and especially my sins. Somehow, He is making me a ‘tree of righteousness’ and glorifying Himself.

Even through the loss of my beloved wife, Rene, God continues to move in the deepest parts of my being beyond words or expressions, ‘rejoicing with the wife of my youth’. Again, ‘God is a good, good Father’ - more than we can imagine.

He’s taken the ashes of a third grader who accepted Jesus Christ as the Son of God, believed He died and rose again on the third day, and confessed Him as Savior.   Even though I believed, Randy the sixth grader denied the Bible, God, and His church as my family fractured and fell apart. But something beautiful bloomed some eleven years later as God opened my heart’s ears to hear His Word and be among His people the church. October of 1986, I fully comprehended who the Lord Jesus Christ was and what he did for me - as well as the fact that the Bible was God’s Word.

I want to continue to grow by abiding in Him, staying close to the Source, praying and studying the Bible.  Fundamental goals are to memorize Scripture and cultivate friendships to deeper levels, to be real relationally, as Christ demonstrates through the gospel and the Bible as a whole, to reject passivity and speak truths softly, and to be a doer of the Word - loving Him, the Church, and people.