Nick and Kim Gillaspie

Nick, Kim and Kolby


From: Matthews, North Carolina

Arrived in the Dominican: Currently raising support

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Our Testimonies

I was born into a Catholic family and was baptized at 3 months old. I don’t recall exactly at what age I accepted Christ, but I was very young. I did not know what a Catholic was, but I did understand and believed that Jesus walked the earth. I understood he was murdered and entombed for 3 days. I believed he came alive again and rose to heaven. I also believed this happened because I was a sinner.

At age 16, I had a life-changing experience at home. One day, I fell through a glass shower and almost bled to death in my house. As I lay dying, my mother, with help from the Holy Spirit, was able to keep her calm - she turned to me and told me to “lay down because you're bleeding too badly and you'll die if you don’t stop running around." I, too, recall the Holy Spirit's help during that time. I felt like my life was saved for another day. God gave total peace while in a tragic situation. I had other close calls in my life later on which always caused me to wonder why God was saving me and what my purpose was here.

The birth of my daughter, in 2006, was another spiritual catalyst for me. It was the greatest gift that I have ever received from the Lord apart from my salvation.

In April of 2011, I made my public profession of faith at Carmel and was baptized. I went on my first mission trip to the Dominican in 2015, where I felt the call on my life. I finally felt I had the answer to why God had saved my life so many times.


My first time hearing about Jesus was when I went to church with my Uncle Butch. I was in a Sunday school with my cousin. We were asked to close our eyes and raise our hands if we “believed” in Him. As best as I can remember, I was in 2nd grade. That was a seed sown. I didn’t go to church with my parents until I was in high school. I began to hear more about the Gospel and Jesus as I attended church and went to my own Bible study. When I was 17, Pastor Coffey gave the invitation one Sunday to come down if anyone was ready to accept Christ as their Savior. Before I knew it, I was up, walking past my parents in the pew and down the aisle. I was crying, realizing my hopelessness without Him. I continued in church for some time with my family until my parents went through a financially tough time, and we stopped going. As I attended college at NC State, I began to go my own way, never doubting my faith and what Jesus had done, but just pursuing the world. I was in and out of church throughout my adult life. The critical and pivotal time was when my mom got sick with cancer and subsequently passed. This rocked my world and brought me to a very dark place. After 5 months of overwhelming loss, grief and brokenness, one night I fell to my knees and asked God to please help me. I told Him I was all in, all of me, no more walking the line. My heart was His. That was when I rededicated my life to Him.