Nathan and Heather Dodrill (Petty)



From: Anderson, IN

Arrived in the Dominican: June 27, 2015

Current Financial Support Level: 65%



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Our Testimonies

I grew up in a Christian home and spent many years going to Christian kids, youth, and family camps. I was surrounded by good godly influences and knew a lot about the Bible. Unfortunately, I didn’t really believe the things I knew for many years of my life. I reached a point where I was tired of the meaningless way of life I was living with little joy and lack of purpose. One evening I was working on my truck and I began to think through the things I knew about God. I realized that I wasn’t walking with the Lord and it was then that I really made the decision to believe all the truth I learned as a child. I chose to confess my sins and ask God for forgiveness.  Since opening my heart and mind to everything He has for me, I have learned so much more about God and His love for us. He has blessed me with amazing influences and teachers since then. God has opened the door for another great opportunity to grow and learn and live out His plan for my life with Heather in the Dominican. 




I have been blessed to be raised in an amazing Christian home and to have been brought up in the church. I learned from a young age that Christ died for my sins and that He desired a personal relationship with me. I knew that my sin separated me from Him. I realized I needed to be forgiven for the things I had done wrong. When I was in third grade, I chose to put my hope and confidence in the truth that Jesus died for me and that He rose again so that I can have a personal relationship with Him. However, it wasn’t until the summer of 2009 that I truly understood what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I had the amazing opportunity to serve Christ in Eleuthera, Bahamas, as a missionary intern for 3 months. That was the first time that I had been “alone” and away from everything I knew. While I was there, I fell in love with Jesus Christ. My relationship was no longer about what I had been told or what I read in my Bible books in school; it was real. I applied His truths to my life and could not get enough of Him. This was the first time that I learned to fully rely on God and His promises for me. Since then, God has been teaching me more about my daily need for Him. He has been teaching me that He is in complete control of my life and that my responsibility is to walk with Him - He will take care of the rest. This truth has affected the way I view everything in my life. I no longer feel that I must be perfect for Christ to love me. It’s no longer me trying to please God; instead, it’s me trusting Him. I’m so thankful for the way that God continues to work in my life and for the way He is transforming me for His glory. Praise be to Him!