Kris and Lizzy White

Kris and Lizzy,
Oliver & Anastasia


From: Cicero, Indiana

Arrived in the Dominican: June 2, 2019

Current Financial Support Level: 81%



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Our Testimonies

I grew up in a home that for the most part taught Christian values. We would even
occasionally attend church, particularly around the different holiday seasons. Because of this
exposure, I was quite familiar with the stories of the Bible, particularly the Old Testament and Christ
on the Cross. Then the summer before I began 5th grade, my great-grandmother died and we were
given the opportunity to move into her house. Soon after moving into the neighborhood I made
friends with a young boy living not too far down the street. It turned out that this young boy was the
son of the pastor of the church that my family would occasionally attend. Through more socially
motivated purposes, I began attending church with this family. After a while, through the consistent
biblical teachings of the church and the leading of the Holy Spirit, I had that aha! moment in which
the pieces of the puzzle were put together and the big picture was revealed. I soon after accepted
Christ as my personal savior.


In elementary school, my parents attended a Catholic church. Although my brother and I
attended the Wednesday evening classes, I had no idea what the Bible said or who Christ was.
In my fifth-grade year, my parents divorced and the parents of a friend of mine invited my
mom and us to attend church with them. It was through this church family that I heard the
gospel and came to understand and trust the work of Jesus.