Josh and Toni Simos

Josh and Toni,
Kinsey, Elle, and Gabe


From: Cicero, Indiana

Arrived in the Dominican: June 14, 2011

Current Financial Support Level: 95%



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Our Testimony

     Toni & I met in August of 1990 during our freshman year of High School. That's right High School sweethearts, even voted "cutest couple" our senior year. I wish I could say things were always so story bookish but that wasn't the case. Let me back up a bit... I grew up attending a small church & Toni was raised in a church too, but it wasn't until the fall of 2001, 4 years into our marriage that we truly became Christians and began a personal relationship with God thru accepting the Lord Jesus Christ. One year into our new found faith, we were both convicted to share some things that we had buried in the past, even kept from each other. God working in our lives brought to light the need to confess those things to each other so that there would be nothing between us, hindering us from growing in Christ together. I'll not go into detail but I mention the following only as a testament to God's grace. We had reached a point at which we were going thru counseling and struggling with the possibility of our marriage ending. Again, only by the grace & mercy of a loving God can we count it all joy now as we look back. We would not trade the events of our past or the trials of dealing with those events which have led us to where we're at today. During that time, God used our new found home church, Harbour Shores and the people there to mentor us thru that difficult time.

Josh and Toni