Josh and Glamary Salsbery

Josh and Glamary,
Natalia, Gabriela, Caleb, and Sofia


From: Sharpsville, Indiana

Arrived in the Dominican: June 5, 2017

Current Financial Support Level: 80%



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I was born into a strong Christian home and remember giving my heart to Jesus at an early age.  I did, however, drift towards the “I want to try it out for myself” mindset.  This thinking directed me down the wrong path at times, but I was reminded that God still loved me and wanted the best for my life.  God has also saved my life more than once.  The most formidable experience occurred 10 days before my 17th birthday.  As I was quickly walking out of the front door of my house, the door handle on our plate glass storm door didn’t work correctly.  My left arm proceeded to go thru the door and cut everything down to the bone, including the artery.  Long story short…God saved my life (and arm) that day and has proven to me time and time again that He will “never leave me, or forsake me.”


I was raised as a Catholic in Venezuela (where I am from), but I started to struggle and doubt spiritually about the beliefs of the Catholic Church a few years before coming to the United States.  In 1998, I had a miraculous opportunity to study English at Oral Roberts University after I completed my college degree in Venezuela.  I came to know the Lord and accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior not too long after I opened the doors of my heart and mind to the teachings of the Christian Faith proclaimed and taught at ORU.

Living far away from my family, culture, and country has been challenging for me in many ways.  Although feelings of loneliness, at times, had made me doubt my purpose in life; I’ve learned to put all my trust on the promises that the Lord gives us in Jeremiah 29:11.  Despite all the difficult moments and tribulations, I look around and see that the Lord has not only blessed me with a beautiful family, extended family, a loving church, and loyal friends, but also with the opportunity to enlarge His kingdom in many special ways.