Jason and Pamela Hilgeman

Jason and Pamela,
Tyler, Zachary, and Sam


From: Anderson, Indiana

Arrived in the Dominican: June 7, 2010

Current Financial Support Level: 100%



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I was raised in a Christian home where I received Christ as my Savior at the age of eight. One of the local churches was showing the film series that includes "A Thief in the Night." As a family, we had been attending, and it was after one of those movies that I came to the realization that I was a sinner and that I would be left behind if the rapture were to occur. My mom then led me through the concepts that I was a sinner, just as all men are, but that God had provided a way that I could have my sins forgiven. She explained that Christ, who is God the Son, died on my behalf, so that by believing in that work for myself, I could be forgiven and Christ would be my Savior. I put my confidence in Christ that same evening.

From there, I didn't really grow a whole lot through elementary and middle school, but in my early years of high school, I really became interested in spiritual things. I began taking notes in church and got involved with the youth group. I remember making a commitment sometime during my 10th grade year to serve the Lord with my life. However, at the end of that year, my pastor was given the boot, and I was really bitter about that for a couple of years. I started Bible School just out of high school, mostly because I had made the commitment to do so. But as I sat under the teaching of the Word again, it didn't take long for God to awaken a passion once again to be involved in things that are really meaningful for His glory. Pam and I were married after graduation and really desired to be involved with missions.


    I was born in San Diego, California. My parents moved to Flagstaff, Arizona when I was going into first grade to be missionaries to the Navajo Indians. I grew up as a missionary kid hearing the gospel, going to the reservation meetings, and thought I was on my way to heaven because of my background. 

     One day when I was eight years old my sister Michele and I were talking on the front porch. I am not exactly sure how the conversation started but I remember specifically these words... "Pam are you sure you're saved, because you're so bad all the time." At that moment God opened my eyes to my need for a savior. I was headed straight to hell because I was God's enemy. I knew many verses from church and everything about God in His Word became clear to me. I personally knew I was a sinner separated from God and there was absolutely nothing I could do to restore my relationship with Him.

     My sister called my mom and told her I wanted to get saved. She took me back to her bedroom and asked me why I wanted to get saved. I told her I was a sinner and need Christ to save me from my sin. John 3:16 and Ephesians 2:8,9 became real to me in a personal way. It was through God’s amazing love and grace that he saved me in that moment. It was by faith I put my confidence in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ and his blood to be sufficient payment for my sins. In that moment I was identified in Christ, I was a new creation, and I became God’s daughter and placed in his son with all of the rights and privileges as a son.

     From that point, the Holy Spirit began a work in my life that was prepared in advance for me to do. God used several tools to help grow me in my relationship with him through church, child evangelism training, mission trips, Bible school, missionary training, raising three boys, being married to a loving husband, living on the mission field, and working with others to draw me closer in a dependent relationship with him. I am thankful for the Holy Spirits work in my life drawing me into a deeper relationship with him each day. I am thankful for the power of his blood that wipes my sins away so there is no condemnation when I still sin. I am thankful for the sanctification process of making me mature and complete in Him. God’s Amazing Grace in my life is such a precious gift, thank you God for giving your one and only Son so that I may have life in Him. To God be the Glory!