Jason and Becky Suon

Jason and Becky,
Finley, Paisley, Stacia, & Moses


From: Wauseon, Ohio

Arrived in the Dominican: January 23, 2017

Current Financial Support Level: 100%



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Our Testimonies

I was 8 years old when Jesus became my Savior. A family friend’s mom had passed away and I was afraid. I would wake up in the middle of the night scared of dying or a member of my family dying. After several nights of talking with my parents, my mom arranged for me to talk to the pastor of the church we would attend occasionally. After meeting with the pastor I was able to put my faith in Jesus and know that no matter what happened, God was in control and I would spend eternity with Him. After that point, we started attending church more regularly. My years as a young Christian were spent trying to please God by the things I would say and do. On the outside I was doing all the right things, but on the inside, my heart was still very selfish and I was really just living for myself. In my adult years I have come to understand the love of Jesus in a deeper way and I have realized that my actions and words don’t mean anything if my heart is not in the right place with God and I am not living for His glory. I have come to understand that my performance cannot change how God feels about me... that His love is unconditional and all He really wants is a relationship of me depending on Him. I am growing in my faith and knowledge of Him as I daily walk with Him. Most recently God is impressing on me that He has always had a plan for me and I am being challenged to listen and follow in faith. To find and follow his plan for me I am reading His word, involved in a discipleship study with my pastor, and spending time in prayer.


I have believed in God for as long as I can remember.  Growing up Catholic, I always believed in Jesus, too.  Just before I started High School, we made a move from the city of Toledo, Ohio to the village of Liberty Center.  One of my new friends invited me to her church youth group one night, and I went.  I was uneasy and I can’t really describe it, but I felt like everyone there knew a secret that I didn’t.  I started asking questions, and I ended up talking to one of the youth group leaders.  She opened up the Bible and read me verses and explained that all of my good works didn’t mean anything unless my relationship with Christ was personal.  At that moment, I confessed my sins and turned to Jesus alone for Salvation.  I was 16 and I knew that I had found something that had been missing for my whole life (in my new found faith).

I found living the Christian life to be difficult.  I had a pattern of several years where I was still trying to earn favor with God.  In High School my choices weren’t the best.  I was a little rebellious but the tide seemed to turn when I met my husband, Jason.  I thought he was wonderful in every way and he helped me out trouble, which was great because I frequently found myself in serious need of being rescued.  We got married right out of High School.  When we had been married one year, I made a terrible decision to leave him and file for divorce.  I felt like I couldn’t be good anymore, that too much was being expected of me, and I couldn’t be what everyone else wanted me to be.  I have never been in such a place of darkness as those months when I was running away from God and my marriage.  After over 6 months of separation and being completely lost, I knew that my only hope was to turn back to Jesus.  My husband was the very definition of faithfulness during this turbulent time.  He never stopped waiting and praying for me, and to this day he is the best earthly example I know of when I think of how Christ fiercely loves His Church.  We both had intense Biblical counseling and it was so, so hard to get though that time of learning to live together again, but we both came to realize something really important… that we were free from a life of living to please other people and trying to earn God’s favor.  We started over fresh and it was such a happy time of renewal with God and each other.  That all seems so long ago, almost like it never even happened because our healing has been so complete over the past 14 years.  We are both so grateful for our God of restoration, who daily continues to prove His all-consuming love for us.