Derek and Savannah Wheeler

Derek and Savannah,
Jaxton, Cheyenne and Karington


From: Cumberland, Maryland

Arrived in the Dominican: Arrived August 8, 2020

Current Financial Support Level: 100%



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Our Testimonies

I was raised in a Christian home where my parents both served in full-time ministry. Needless to say, I was very involved in church. In fact, it was my second home. However, it was not until the age of 8 when I realized my sinful state before a perfect God. I remember the day very clearly. I was sitting in our Monday morning chapel service at the Christian school I attended when a pastor spoke about sin and the broken relationship it caused between me and God. He then shared about the redemptive work of Christ on the cross at Calvary, and how he defeated sin and death in order to offer us eternal life. I distinctly remember being anxious about getting home to talk to my dad about it some more that evening. That night, I placed my faith in Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. From that point forward, I would not say I necessarily grew in my relationship with Him, but was pretty stagnant for a while. At the age of 13, I re-committed my life to Christ, but continued to struggle with giving my entire life over to Him. I was actively involved in my church and in my youth group, played in the praise team and served wherever there was a need. However, there were still some instances of rebellion hanging on in my life. My youth pastor was very influential in continually encouraging and discipling me towards a deeper relationship with Christ, and I slowly began to yield. Meeting my wife and seeing her passion for Jesus on display in her life was a great testimony to me, and God used her in a big way to open my eyes completely to living a life totally dependent and focused on glorifying Him. For the past 10 years, my wife and I have actively sought to serve Him wherever, whenever and however He saw fit. And He has taken us on quite a journey. I am so excited to see where God leads us and how He uses us for His glory above all. As I continue to grow and find my satisfaction in Him and Him alone, I am very excited to see Him glorified through my life.


I was ten when my Dad explained clearly to me that I was a sinner in need of salvation, and that the salvation I needed could only be found in Jesus. By God’s grace I accepted that gift and have truly been changed. I have since then grown up in the church and desire to be there every time the doors are open. In middle school I was very outspoken about my faith, even sharing the gospel through school projects. In high school I was able to lead a group of believers in our only Christian “club”, Faith In Action. My only dream beyond high school was to be a wife and mother and so I struggled with the idea of college at first. However, I did decide to go and I received a Bachelors in Elementary Education and an Associates in Religion from Liberty University, which God has allowed me to use in many different areas of life. It was during those years that I met and married my husband, Derek, and started our family which now consists of our son, Jaxton, and two daughters, Cheyenne and Karington. God has proven Himself faithful to me time and time again throughout my life and I am grateful and honored to do His work. As we begin this new journey into full time missions, I am excited to see what exactly He has in store for my family and I. We appreciate your prayers for our family as we look forward to life in the Dominican Republic serving beside other believers for the Gospel of Christ.