Frequently Asked Questions



1. How do I update my credit card information?

To update your credit card information, go to our website and re-submit your information on the invest tab/donate tab. Make sure you designate your gift in the dropdown menu under "Fund" and select "monthly" under "Frequency." Then in the comment box put "updating card info."

2. I forgot to designate my gift for the correct fund, what do I do?

Please e-mail and let us know how you would like your gift to be designated.

3. I would like my donation to come out on a certain day of the month, how do I do that?

The day you donate online is the same day it will come out each month. If you have already donated and prefer a different date, e-mail stating which day you prefer your donations to come out on. Then we can make that adjustment for you to be effective starting the following month.

4. When do giving statements come out?

Giving statements come out at the end of January via e-mail, if we do not have an e-mail for you then they will be mailed out to your address.



1. Can I send a package to my sponsor child?

You can only send a letter to your sponsor child, please do not mail any packages to the Dominican. If you are coming down on a mission trip, feel free to bring your sponsored child anything in your suitcase.



1. What address do I put on customs forms?

Freedom Address:
Calle Freedom S/N
Jabilla Gorda
Ramon Santana, San Pedro

2. What kind of donations can I bring on a trip?

We have a wish list on our website located under the "Take a Trip" tab. Feel free to bring anything from that list, it gets updated regularly.



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