What We Envision

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Our ultimate desire is to see people glorify the Lord in all areas of life. One of the biggest advantages of our programming is that it opens doors and opportunities. We would consider it a huge success if someone headed for illiteracy became a doctor and used medicine to make God famous. In the same way, if a person who loved farming went back to work in the sugarcane fields for the glory of God, that too would be a great achievement. We are currently focusing our efforts in our school. We want to use programs that will best reach our children and families with the life-giving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our School

We have started a bilingual, Christian school near the town of Ramón Santana. Over one hundred sugarcane villages are found in the surrounding area. Our school serves families of Ramón Santana and the nearby bateyes. Most people in this area make their living by cutting sugarcane. We currently have 240 students enrolled in seven levels for the 2017-2018 school year. Each year, another grade level will be added. The final goal is for the school to grow to 1,800 students.

The school is a tool for discipleship.  Through 18,000 hours of contact time between pre-school and high school graduation, we are praying that lives will be changed.  We specifically want to train students to glorify God in 3 areas: by walking in relationship with the Lord, developing wholesome relationships with others, and using their God-given uniqueness to live for Him. 





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We are invested in sharing the Word of God with the children in the bateyes. We teach through the Bible in weekly increments, rotating through the various villages we work in. Through our VBS programs and teachings, we desire to see children come to Christ. Our goal is then to help develop them in their faith. As the Freedom team grows, we hope to expand this ministry to surrounding bateyes so that we can reach more kids.




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